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作為Feed the Planet計劃之一,該課程由Worldchefs設計與合作夥伴伊萊克斯食品基金會(Electrolux Food Foundation) 和國際經濟學商學學生會(AIESEC)提供支援。

Worldchefs developed the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals curriculum to teach chefs how to think and act sustainably, and expand your knowledge on sustainability. The course includes 8 lessons to help students engage with key themes and learn how to inspire positive change for both the planet and the bottom line.

This is part of the Feed the Planet projects which contribute to UN SDGs.

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Course Summary

  • 報讀人士:適合從事食品行業或對糧食可持續發展有興趣人仕 

  • 導師:官方單位認證和註冊的導師 ( 

  • 語言:廣東話或普通話或英文均可

  • 學時​:6小時 (包括考試時間- 選擇題形式)

  • Target participants: Food services industrial peers or people who interested in food sustainability topics

  • Instructor: Certified trainer  ( 

  • Language: Cantonese or Mandarin or English 

  • Duration: 6 Hours (include quiz time - multiple choice format)


Certification & Assessment

  • 認證:課程由Worldchefs發出的資格證書 (出席率最少達80%及考試合格)

  • 評核:培訓表現和考試(選擇題形式)

  • Certification: Certificate of qualification issued by Worldchef (for students who have attained at least 80% attendance and passed the quiz) 

  • Assessment: In class performance and quiz (multiple choice format)

Certification Specimen

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feed the planet.png
Digital pledge and Certificate 

Course Outline​

廚藝專業人士的可持續發展教育- 共8節課

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Note: We welcome group training arrangement as well as individual participate. We will update the training information from time to time so please stay tune.

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