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「CFSP 食品安全管理專業認證」是由中美物流聯合委員會 (SALC - Sino-American Logistics Council) 專為協助個人成為有資格的食品安全管理者而設的;該課程的制定用以評估食品行業食品安全管理者的知識和技能。 課程內容是符合美國食品和藥物管理局(FDA)對食品的規笵管理而設計,並譯成中文及當地化以便更好地適用於大中華和港澳地區, 為中高級管理人員度身訂制的職業資格認證。 

The CFSP (Certified Food Safety Professional) Certification programme is developed by Sino-American Logistics Council (SALC) targeting at individuals who want to demonstrate that their competency in meeting specified food safety standards.   This course is accredited program in accordance to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code. It has been designed and translated into Chinese and localized to better cater to greater China, Hong Kong and Macao region.  This course is tailor-made professional qualifications for middle and senior management.  


Course Summary

  • 報讀人士:適合從事與食品及食材行業之採購、貿易、製造、零售、物流、運輸、倉碼等的營銷、技術、操作及管理人員, 至食品安全控管及監督人仕 

  • 導師:CFSP 食品安全管理專業認可導師

  • 語言:廣東話或普通話均可

  • 學時​:18小時 (包括15小時培訓及3小時考核)

  • Target participants: Managerial or supervisory participant who engaged in food manufacturing, quality assurance, food safety, trade, retail, logistics, transportation, warehouse in food related industry           

  • Instructor: Certified CFSP trainer

  • Language: Cantonese or Mandarin

  • Duration: 18 Hours (15 hours training and 3 hours exam)


Certification & Assessment

  • 認證:由中美物流聯合委員會(SALC) 發出的資格證書 (出席率最少達80%及 CFSP 認證考試合格)

  • 評核:培訓表現、練習和考核(選擇題形式)

  • Certification: Certificate of qualification issued by SALC (for students who have attained at least 80% attendance and passed the CFSP certification exam

  • Assessment: In class performance, exercises and exam (multiple choice format)

Certification Specimen

CFSP cert scan.jpg

Course Outline​

  1. 食品安全介紹

  2. 食品安全危害及食源性疾病

    • 微生物的危害

    • 其他危害

    • 安全的食品處理者

    • 溫度計

  3. 預防食源性疾病

    • 採購與收貨

    • 食品的儲藏

    • 食品的加工

    • 食品的供應

  4. 食品安全監控

    • 食品安全計劃

    • 清潔與消毒

    • 設備與設施

    • 害蟲的綜合治理

    • 食品安全法規

  1. Introduction for food safety

  2. Food hazards and foodborne illness 

    • Microbial hazards 

    • Other hazards 

    • The safe food handler 

    • Thermometers 

  3. Preventing foodborne illness 

    • Purchasing and receiving 

    • Storage 

    • Preparation 

    • Serving 

  4. Food safety control 

    • Food safety program

    • Cleaning and sanitizing 

    • Equipment & Facilities 

    • Integrated pest management 

    • Food safety regulation

CFSP Poster_edited.jpg
新一期課程將於2021年7份舉辦 :
課程日子: 為7月17, 24 及31日(星期六)

導師:CFSP 食品安全管理專業認可導師
學時​:18小時 (包括15小時培訓及3小時考核)

            (包括CFSP教科書$120元+ 考試費用$2,200元)

報名連結: 課程詳情 (
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Note: We welcome group training arrangement as well as individual participate. We will update the training information from time to time so please stay tune.

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